• Step 1
  • Apply one size M KUMBRINK CROSSTAPE® to each of the Sp-3, Sp-4 and Sp-6 acupuncture points. Sp-3 is located directly behind the ball of the big toe. Sp-4 is approximately in the middle between the base of the big toe and the beginning of the heel. Sp-6 is found approximately 3 finger widths above the upper edge of the ankle.
  • Important note: use the fingers of the patient!

  • Continue with Step 2.

CV-15 acupuncture point
  • Step 2
  • Apply one size L KUMBRINK CROSSTAPE® over the CV-15 acupuncture point. This is found just underneath the tip of the breast bone and can be directly felt most of the time when the stomach aches.